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2GoodShop Giant Airplane Styrofoam Glider 22" ( Pack) for Kids and Adults Throw The Plane and Watch It Glide for Outdoor Fun. Comes with 1 Bouncy Ball | Item #1030-1p

Brand: 2GoodShop

Size:12 Units

Experience the wonder of flying as you watch a foam model airplane fly because you can throw it to make it fly

The Foam Airplane toy is big, it flies easily and is outfitted with realistic details

Imagine how happy your child will be as they watch in excitement how the plane flies long distances through the air

The Airplane is bigger than normal but easily handled by your child and for a great value!

  • Pack of 12 Styrofoam Gliders Planes. The Foam Airplane is Big! 22 inches wingspan.
  • Comes with decals to give it more realistic details. Classic Timeless Airplane Glider Toy. Made of Styrofoam very Light. Water Friendly.
  • Easy to assemble. Fly like a bird. See how a plane Glides, great learning educational toy. Toddler airplane toys, Sugar Glider Toys, Flying Toy, Kids Gliders.
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