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ENTYPALS Educational Plush & Learning Board Book (All 6 Set Collection) Great Gift Set for Kids or Children Boys or Girls. Kids Learning Toy. Toddler Activities and Kids Therapy Help. by Entyva

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The Entypals by Entyva is a brand focused on inspiring Universal Positive Values in a Fun way. We promote values such as: Respect, Love, Honesty, Determination, Justice, Responsibility…

Our Fun boxes Include: An Educational Book based on a specific value, a Plush toy similar to a Stuffed animal that resembles a Value and a set of colorful glossy educational stickers for kids.

Our products are a great learning resource for kindergarten, preschool, first and up to fourth grade. Teachers looking for Stem toys & Montessori toys appreciate the play and educational value our products bring to the classroom. It can be used as an early learning activity book and its a multi-sensory approach to learning values as it encourages the use of touch, sight and mind.

Use it a 2 to 8 year old birthday gift. Children and parents will love a product that brings good vibes and a positive message into the home. It could be also used as a Play therapist toy to promote Ethics, Morals , kindness, Manners, Empathy and Integrity.

Parents want fun entertaining products that transmit positive values to their children. The over exposure of violence and negative role models in movies , Video Games and media in general motivated the development of the Entypals characters that bring healthy fun to any home.

Inspire children to have a positive attitude towards the values you cherish. Experience quality meaningful fun time with your child. With the Entypals by Entyva you will Illuminate the world spreading values thru entertainment.