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JA-RU B'loonies Plastic Balloon Variety 8 (Pack of 12 ) and 1 Bouncy Ball 774-12p

Brand: Fun a Ton

B'loonies 8-pack Large size plastic balloons straws and 96 Original Size tubes of Plastic Balloon Making. 3 colors: green blue and red. Bloonies Original Brand. ASTM Tested.

  • 12 Packs with 96 original B'loonies Tubes. Variety Bloonies 8 Tubes in each Pack. Bloonies. Plus comes with 1 Collectable Bouncy Ball by JA-RU.
  • B'loonies 8-pack plastic balloon kit 8 straws and 8 tubes of balloon plastic 2 tubes each of 4 colors: green, yellow, blue and red
  • The art of shaping a nice bubble balloon is a great way to entertain a party. Bubble up Art, Blow bubbles and Make Marble Plastic Balloons. Plastic Bubbles a Classic old Game.
  • Bloonies are Great for arts and Crafts. Real Classic Game Toy Fun. Fun toys to relieve stress, Great for Physical and Occupational Therapy, Add, ADHD, Stress Relive and Release, Calming, Relaxing, Focus, Concentration, Teacher Help, Pastime toy Game, Handball Rehab, Autism, Anxiety, Anti Stress, Sensory Fidget Toys, Tactile Game, Quiet Toys.
  • USA Brand by JA-RU. Top Quality & Safety Standards. Party Favor, Bulk, Wholesale, Planner, Resale, Store, thank you Bag, Prizes, Goodies, Stocking Stuffers, Rewards, Incentives, Stem, Pinata Filler, Birthday Bag or Boxes Mixed with Candy, Easter Basket, Christmas, Halloween, Prime, Summer Camp, Church. For Children Kids and Adults.