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JA-RU Energy Ball Cosmic Kidz Science Toy with Light and Sound (1 Unit) Classroom Set Scientific Fun for Kids and Adults. UFO Electricity Ball Magic. 5421-1A

Brand: JA-RU

Size:1 Unit

The ball is designed to demonstrate the fun and fascinating principles of electricity and conductivity. All you have to do is touch the balls metal strips. When you do, the ball lights up and creates sound. Its great for group activities and demonstrations or for one-on-one instruction. The Kidz Science Cosmic Energy Ball is made with the same industry-standard quality of all JA-RU products.

  • Pack of 1 Unit. Super Cool Cosmic Energy Balls. Let the energy flow thru your body and what how the ball lights up and makes Cosmic sounds. 1.6 Inches Diameter.
  • Great Scientific Electric Static Magic Toy Ball Hand Balls. STEM Toy, Educational, Learning Science Ball. Similar to energy sticks Tubes but in the shape of a Ball.
  • Close the circuit to demonstrate How Our Bodies Conduct Electricity! This electric science ball is super safe and great quality. For kids Boys and Girls over 4, teens and adults.
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