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JA-RU Flarp Prank Gag Kit Pack Comes with a Collectable Bouncy Ball. 4 Classic Farrt Jokes | #70018-1p

Brand: JA-RU

  • 1 Pack of FLARP Joke Box Kit! - INCLUDES: Whoopee Cushion, Farrt Whistle, Pull my Finger Electronic Farrt Sound, Flarp Putty and a Collectable Bouncy Ball Bundle.
  • Great prank toy for kids that are ready to laugh for hours. Quantity 3 Boxes + 1 Collectable JA-RU Bouncy Ball. Great prank toy for kids that are ready to laugh for hours. These boxes have tons of crazy stuff that is sure to get people’s attention. If you are new to the world of pranking. These classic practical jokes are sure to trick people of all ages, from adults down to toddlers.
  • Set of 5 Games to Prank! in each box. Batteries included for the Pull My Finger toy. Each of the included hilarious prank items are perfect for those who are still learning the art of gags and are a great addition to any bag of tricks.
  • Get ready to make awful farrt sounds with the Flarp 4 Piece Gag Pack
  • USA Brand by JA-RU. Top Quality & Safety Standards. Party Favor, Bulk, Wholesale, Planner Supplies, Resale, Store, thank you Bag, Prizes, Goodies, Stocking Stuffers, Rewards, Incentives, Stem, Pinata Filler, Birthday Bag or Boxes Mixed with Candy, Reward, Easter Basket, Carnival, Christmas, Halloween, Prime, Summer Camp, Church. For Children Kids and Adults.