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JA-RU Magic Grow Hatching Egg Dinosaurs (Pack of 24) Item #1745-24

Brand: Fun a Ton

With the Dino Egg your child can watch as it magically hatches a Big Dino because when you add water the egg begins to crack!

Imagine how excited your child will be waiting for the Jumbo Dino to break the egg and grow even bigger after a couple of days!

Includes 24 Dino Eggs for a great value

Great party favor

Assorted styles

  • 24 Units In Display Box of Dino Magic Growing Egg. Assorted Dinosaurs. Plus Exclusive collectable bouncy Ball by JA-RU
  • Fun Way to Learn about Dinosaurs and Pre-Historic Creatures. Very magic and funny for your kids seeing the progress. Help kids know more about them or nature,then more people to protect animals. Amazing party favor toys for kids, perfect for Easter / Birthday / Water Play.
  • Place in Water and Wait for the Magic. Growing dinosaur egg in water Toy Game. Jurassic dinosaur Egg.
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