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JA-RU Mega Rainbow Slime Ooze 1 Pound (Pack of 1) and 1 Bouncy Ball Glitter Slime Squishy Sticky and Stretchy | Item #4636-1p

Brand: Fun a Ton

Colorful Mega Large Rainbow Slime will keep your child entertained all day long because it is a fun sensory toy that can be stretched and shaped to help them focus on what really matters

Imagine how happy your child will be when they play with the slimy ooze and improve their focus and attention skills

Includes 1 Rainbow Ooze for a great value

Assorted colors

  • Pack of 1 units of Mega 1 Lb (Pound) Large Rainbow Colors Putty NEON COLORS SUPER FUN & GOOEY, Ooze slime.
  • Comes with 1 Exclusive Collectable JA-RU Bouncy Ball. Grab a pack of 12 containers Fluffy Putty for your next birthday party with your beloved kids, it will surely be the hit of the party and entertain them for many hours. Just watch how your happy children are playing non-stop with these joyful Putty, it will be a pleasure.
  • Dazzle your space with different bright Assorted Colors - Purple, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow and Green. Sparkling soft Smells like Bubblegum, Assorted Sparkle Colors. RESEALABLE HOLDING CONTAINER. Centerpieces Ideas.
  • Fun toys to relieve stress, And Smells so Good. Great for Physical and Occupational Therapy, Add, ADHD, Stress Relive and Release, Tennis Elbow, Calming, Focus, Concentration, Teacher Help, Pastime toy Game, Handball Rehab, Autism, Anxiety, Anti Stress, Sensory Fidget Toys, Tactile Game, Quiet Toys
  • USA Brand by JA-RU. Top Quality & Safety Standards. Party Favor, Bulk, Wholesale, Planner Supplies, Resale, Store, thank you Bag, Prizes, Goodies, Stocking Stuffers, Rewards, Incentives, Stem, Pinata Filler, Birthday Bag or Boxes Mixed with Candy, Easter Basket, Carnival, Christmas, Halloween, Prime, Summer Camp, Church. For Children Kids and Adults.