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JA-RU Sidewalk Chalk Hopscotch Mess Easy Grip. Item #3506-1

Brand: Fun a Ton
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This is the ultimate hopscotch kit because it has everything your child needs to play this game at shool with their friends!

Imagine how good your child will feel as they lead the way for everybody else to play during recess time!

Contains 2 chalk sticks, 2 chalk holders and 3 markers at a great value

  • All-in-one set to play hopscotch. 2 Chalk Sticks, 2 Holders, 2 Markers.
  • Instructions on the back on how to play and draw the hopscotch pattern
  • Specially made for sidewalks and hard surfaces so your child can play at school during recess and wash it easily after playtime
  • Great party favor
  • JA-RU Quality. Use it in Boards of Schools Universities Preschool Classrooms Floor Walls .....