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JA-RU Splat Poo Ball Sticky & Stretchy (Pack of 6 Brown) Poo .6429- Brown-6slp

Brand: JA-RU

  • Pack of 6 Brown of Faces Splat Poo Emoji Balls. Toss it! Watch it stick! Toss it! Watch it Splat!
  • Comes with one small JA-RU collectable Bouncy Ball
  • Helps relieve stress while having fun. ADD ADHD ! Get the Best Poo Emoji Splat Ball, Toes it, throw it, splash it!
  • Best results when you are mad!, don't take it with others just throw the ball and change your mood.
  • JA- RU Quality! & Safety Standards . Party Favor, Planner, Resale, Store, Thank you Bag, Prizes.