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Ja-ru Lu Fun Spike Ball PDQ 24

Brand: JA-RU

Size:24 Pack |  Color:Spike Ball with Necklace

The Classic LU FUN SPIKE BALL PDQ 24bounces extremely high because it's made from real rubber

Comes with many balls for endless hours of fun for any activity and games!

Rubber Balls for great value

Imagine seeing your kids be active while having lots of fun bouncing and throwing the pinky ball

  • Set of 24 Individually Packed with Display Box of Stretchy Soft Spiky Clear Colorful Led Lights Flashing Balls With Necklace Sting. Great for Night Play. With 1 small Exclusive collectible bouncy ball. Best Game Ball!
  • Very Squishy and Stretchy Safe Soft Cool Toy Ball For Kids And Adults. Fun Play Balls for a lot Less. Great Party Favor. Use it with or without the necklace String.
  • Comes in Different Assorted Colors Blue, Green and Pink, and Led Flashes All Colors. Super Soft and Safe.
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