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Pool Toys for Kids Swimming Water Pool Party 70 Pcs Bundle Goggles Splasher Balloons Filter and Ball

Brand: Fun a Ton
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With this bundle you will have the most fun filled water pool party your kids will never forget. Memories of water bomb & water guns Fights , throwing splashy football & frisbee . Water balls splashers that kids love throwing at each other and diving toys that will provide hours of fun!

What's included:

6 Water Splasher : ?Includes 1 football 1 Frisbee and 2 water bombs. Throw them splash each other. Kids love jumping in the pool and catching the balls in the air. Pure afe water splashing Fun.

4 Googles ? ? This assorted colors goggles have adjustable strap to fit kids ages 3 to 14 years olds approx depending on the kids size.

6 Pack Dive Toys Collection: Includes 2 water torpedoes , 2 jewels , i Octopus and 1 Fish. Throw them in the pull and you have the kids swimming diving and competing at who can grap it faster. It’s a great pool game addition for competitions and to ear prizes.

50 Water Balloons with Filter: This multicolor water bombs ?and key to any water fight party. Kids love throwing this bombs at each other. The Included filter ? facilitates the filling of the bombs by attaching to the water faucet preventing bombs bursting while filling them.

4 Water Guns:? This assorted color water guns splasher will provide all around fun. Its a water toy classic that’s sure to provide endless fun in the pool.

Whether is a birthday pool party or any summer water filled party our Ja-ru Brand 70 Pcs pool party bundle will surely give you the best Fun Filled valued packed water ?fun.