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JA-RU Zooma Foam Dart Gun Super Mega Powerful Shotgun Blaster Ultra Foam Shot for Kids and Adults | Item #5483

Brand: JA-RU

Dart toy gun will help your child develop hand to eye coordination skills in a fun and exciting way because it comes with a power shot gun and 5 darts that can stick to many surfaces

Imagine how much fun your child will have shooting the darts with friends and competing with each other.

  • EXTRA: Factory Case with 144 Sets of Girl Ultra Foam Super Powerful Blaster Gun and 1 Small JA-RU and 2GoodShop Collectable Bouncy Ball. JARU Great for Party Favor, Gift, Games, Celebrations!EXTRA: Pack of 4 Sets of ULTRA SHOT GUN and One Small JA-RU and 2GoodShop Collectable Bouncy Ball BUNDLE. JARU Great for Party Favor, Gift, Games, Celebrations!
  • BECAUSE GIRLS DESERVE THE BEST FIRE WITH ULTRA MEGA FORCE: Fast-firing Ultra Foam Shot toy blaster that shoots darts up to 95 feet (28 meters). Girly Assorted Colors like Violet / Pink , Sky Blue, Green. Nice pink gun for girls.
  • SUPER LONG, FAST AND ACCURATE SHOTS AND EASY TO USE: Play and compete with friends and family!, Reload Fast an Easy. Boys, Girls, Kids, Adults, will love it!. NO COMPETITION WILL STAND OUT: No one will Believe this small and inexpensive gun has more Power then Most big Ones. AMAZING. Strike Super Elite Rampage Blaster. Tomboy gifts for girls.
  • Great Kids Guns For Winning Battles. Foam Dart Guns For Girls and Boys.
  • USA Brand JA-RU. ASTM Tested. Top Quality & Safety. Party Favor, Giveaways, Prizes, Goodies, Stocking Stuffers, Rewards, Incentives, Pinata Filler, Birthday Bag, Reward, Carnival Christmas Halloween, Summer Camp, Add, ADHD. Cool Stuff Toys in Bulk.